Come Visit Topsmead!

The "Secret Garden" of Connecticut State Parks & Forests

The back garden is a always a prize winner!.

Here's a typical afternoon get-together of the ladies, complete with two dogs. Miss Chase is the lady sitting on the pad at the right  (I think).

September 26 (2108) and Fall is just started to show it colors

Sun dappled fields cause an interplay of light and shadows, illuminating the trees brilliantly at one moment and darkening them intensely the next.

The Topsmead fall foliage this year (2016) has been the most spectacular many of us have ever witnessed.

Apple trees line the original entrance way to the Manor. 

Tour the Cotswold-style English manor, its colorful gardens and spacious lawns. Then hike the fields and wooded trails. Conveniently located off Rt. 118 in Litchfield, CT (See Directions page.)

All color photos by Tom Holzel

A bird blind allows close-up views of fluttering butterflys.

And, yes, Topsmead is a joy in winter, too.

Topsmead History

Topsmead State Forest is the former summer estate of Miss Edith Morton Chase. She hired noted architect Richard Henry Dana, Jr. to help her design and build the English Tudor style house which was completed in 1925. The exterior woodwork is of cypress, the downspouts are lead, the walls are of brick and stucco, and the roof is slate. The interior woodwork is oak as is most of the flooring. 

Miss Chase loved the outdoors and as much care was given to the landscaping as was given to the design and furnishings of her home. Surrounding her home are plantings of holly, lilac, and juniper. Apple trees line the drive and formal gardens on each end of the house complement the English Tudor architecture.